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Jana Seva trust is a local group of like-minded individuals from the elite section of the society, who are generous and deeply committed to serve the needs of the downtrodden people. They have joined together to address some of the highly sensitive raging issues, the socio-economic and religious issues, disparity among the underprivileged by educating the masses, negate the differences and to bring oneness in the society. This is the Vision of Jana Seva Trust. Since 3 years the trust has been working dedicatedly in this direcction. The board of trustees are very successful people in their own fields and have come forward to serve the society in their own way.

VISION : To make the underprivileged lead a respectable life of equality and to create ecofriendly green environment.

MISSION : To establish a corruption free pellucid society by educating the masses not only in the village but also in cities by conducting various awareness programs to benefit the underprivileged and downtrodden people in the society.

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